Cool Name Ideas! My SEO Side Project

Cool Name Ideas is a side project I launched a while back.

It’s designed to help start-ups find their ideal domain name.

The great thing about side projects is they help refine my SEO skills and provide additional income

And I can lift the lid and show you what’s going on.

Info! I have now sold Cool Name Ideas and am devoting my time to Username Buddy and being a Bristol SEO Expert. However you may find the journey interesting, if you have any questions let me know?

So here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes of Cool Name Ideas (screenshots from Moz Dashboard).

Amazing Numbers! 125k Total Visits PCM

Cool Name Ideas reached 125k Total Visits PCM in May 2016.

Check out the “Total Visits” graph.

Moz Total Visits

Successfully Ranking for Top Keywords

I’m achieving the numbers by ranking for some great keywords…

Here’s the “Top National Keywords” report.

Moz Top National Keywords

NB: Rank tracking is important! It helps keep you informed and (if the worst happens) you can check if a ranking drop is due to an Algorithm update.

You can even check ranking in local search results, including maps and images.

Beating the Competition and the Algorithm

Another added benefit of rank tracking is satisfaction.

Here’s the “Search Visibility” report.

Moz Search Visibility Image

It tracks target keywords giving you an estimated percentage of clicks.

Great to see no adverse algorithm issues (note the horizontal lines and the “G”).

I achieved this by trying to conform to Google guidelines as much as possible.

It’s also nice to see progress in relation to the competition (names blurred to spare blushes).

Great Links! From GoDaddy and More…

If you know anything about SEO you know links from other sites matter.

You should avoid getting easy links from crappy sites at all costs.

But links from great sites can work well.

The GoDaddy Garage blog recently referenced Cool Name Ideas within the “Naming tips for your bouncing new blog” article by Ashley Grant.

GoDaddy Garage Blog

I worked hard to get amazing links (from sites like using ethical methods like broken link building...

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