Detecting Plagiarism & Dealing with Copied Site Content

Plagiarism is a menace online, with disreputable web masters copying and using other people’s site content left right and centre without crediting the source.

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Plagiarism is a menace online, with disreputable webmasters copying and using other people’s site content left right and center without crediting the source. On the one hand, I hate people passing my content off as their own work on the other there are countless articles online about duplicate content and the potential adverse effects of this content on search engine results. OK so Google doesn’t seem that great when it comes to picking up duplicate content, but I still hate the idea that the actions of others could have an adverse effect on my site.

Searching for segments of text from the source article is one way to seek out copied content; however, I often find that parts of the text or titles have been changed and other times only a small section of the text has been copied.

So, what’s an honest webmaster to do?

If you haven’t done so already it’s important to add appropriate notices to your site to set out your position regarding your content see: and

In addition to the above, there are two websites that I use in an attempt to eradicate plagiarism as much as possible. which can help you track down the plagiarised content and which can help you monitor and possibly gain a link back from others copying your site content. The real plus is that in their basic form, both of these sites are free to use.

Detecting Existing Plagiarism with Copyscape

Copyscape is simple to use, just copy and paste the URL of the page that you want to investigate into the Copyscape toolbar and click search. When you look down the results and click thru to the pages you will see that Copyscape scans not just the page title, but also reports back pages containing smaller portions of text that are identical to the original.

You can then deal with any issues that Copyscape highlights using the information found here:

Monitoring & benefiting from Copied Content with Tynt Tracer


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You will need to register to use the Tynt Tracer by visiting The tracer works by providing you with a piece of code that you insert on any web page that you want to monitor, you will need to add the code just before the tag.

Once the code is included anyone copying even a small portion of your page content will add a link back to your original page each time that they paste that content into a blog, another web page or even an e-mail (see screenshot below). The link can include the most appropriate Creative Commons License to help reinforce the point that you need credit for the content.

The resulting links can be great for the search engines (if posted on blogs or web pages) but more importantly they provide you with an appropriate credit for your hard work.


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